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Kitikorn Dowpiset


This issue covers nine articles and one book review concerned on Executing Justice: The Moral Meaning of the Death Penalty by Lloyd Steffen. This book is important to those of us concerned with rising levels of crime and those concerned with a growing number of inmates facing execution. The book is also useful for those teaching and studying ethics.
The first article titled “The Factors Affecting Consumer Traits, Online Marketing Tools in Impulsive Buying Behavior of Online Fashion Stores, Bangkok, Thailand” emphasizes on determining which factors will be the most effect on ideal self-congruence, fashion consciousness, positive emotion, materialism, product attributes, online platform quality, and online sales promotion toward impulsive buying in the market platform of online fashion.
The second article titled “A study of Thai Transgender Employee’s Perceptions of Discrimination at Work and their Job Attitudes and Wellbeing” aims to examine the work experiences of transgender employees in Thailand.
The third article titled “An Influence of Advertising on Consumer-based Brand Loyalty: A Case Study on a Sports Shoe brand in Bhopal India” focuses on the factors that influence advertising on consumer-based brand loyalty focused on a sports shoe brand in Bhopal India which pointed to the advertisement, brand loyalty, brand trust, and perceived quality.
The fourth article titled “Leveraging Leadership, Collaboration, and Decision-Making to Improve Team Effectiveness: A Case of Education Gathering Group (ECG) Alumni Network in Kayin State, Myanmar” is tailored to examine the current situations of leadership, collaboration, and decision making to improve team effectiveness of the Education Gathering Group (EGG) Alumni Network in Kayin State, Myanmar and to propose key developmental opportunities to improve team effectiveness.
The fifth articled titled “The Middle Managers’ Essential Leadership Styles: A Case of Global Technology Company in Myanmar” aimed to examine the leadership styles and to propose the Organization development programs to enhance the middle managers' leadership styles for the future development program.
The sixth article titled “Factors Facilitating Foreign Amateur Musicians Earn Popularity on YouTube Worldwide: A Case Study of Global and Local Identities of Thai Amateur Musicians” is aimed to focus on YouTube musicians in a country where a national identity is strong like Thailand which can be penetrated very well in this high competitive international market like YouTube.
The seventh article titled “Key Influencers of Innovative Work Behavior in Leading Thai Property Developers” aimed to investigate the key influencers that have significant.impact on innovative work behavior among employees of top five leading property developers in Thailand.
The eighth article titled “Motives for Inward Foreign Direct Investment into Thailand: A Quantitative Analysis” is tailored to formulate a conceptual framework regarding the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) location choice made by corporations and identified the motivational factors of the FDI location choices
The ninth article titled “Organization Development Intervention on Users Acceptance of Core Banking System in Myanmar” is aimed to diagnose the current acceptance level of users on the core banking system, to implement Organization Development Intervention (ODI), and to examine the impact of pre-ODI and post-ODI in perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, attitude toward the use, and behavioral intention to use.

Kitikorn Dowpiset, Ph.D.


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