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The AU-HIU International Multidisciplinary Journal is a Biannual International Journal, the  articles published in January & July Issues are Triple, Double-Blind Peer Reviewed  across the entire spectrum of academic fields:

[1]   Finance: Finance, Accounting, Financial Economics

[2]  Economics: Econometrics, Applied Economics, Development Economics

[3]  Business: Management, Marketing, Decision Sciences, Information Technology

[4]  Social Sciences, Multidisciplinary: others

Based on its originality, importance, interdisciplinary interest, timeliness, accessibility, elegance, and unforeseen conclusions.

The AU-HIU International Multidisciplinary Journal is a joint journal between Assumption University, Bangkok Thailand, and Heilongjiang International University, PRC.  Journal publishes works by professors, practitioners, and students, focusing primarily but not exclusively. In a departure from the standard academic journals and keeping with its role Journal serves as a forum to further the discussion of compelling regional and global issues One can utilize the opportunities and face challenges of this changing world.

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Vol. 3: Issue 2 July – December 2023 AU-HIU International Multidisciplinary Journal
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