Factors Influencing Online Hotel Booking Intention of Individual Tourists in Bangkok


  • Thanatnun Anutarawaykin Graduate School of Business and Advanced Technology Management, Assumption University of Thailand
  • Jutamas Joysa Graduate School of Business and Advanced Technology Management, Assumption University of Thailand
  • Chanthapa Li
  • Chompu Nuangjamnong Professor, Assumption University, Thailand https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6909-2690


Price, Privacy and Security, Online Reviews, Perceived Value, Trust, Online Hotel Booking Intention


Purpose - The purpose of this research is to analyze the significant influence of price, privacy and security, online reviews, perceived value, trust toward online hotel booking intention. Design/Methodology/Approach – The research employs primary and secondary data collection methods to conduct an analysis among factors influencing online hotel booking intentions. The data was collected among 384 respondents traveling within two Airports of Thailand (AOT) located in Bangkok. This research referenced three theoretical frameworks from previous studies for conducting a new conceptual framework. Findings – This research is intended to investigate factors influencing online hotel booking intentions. Followed by the findings of this research represented price has a significant influence to perceived value. Privacy and security along with online reviews, which have relationships toward Trust. Lastly, perceived value and trust directly influence online hotel booking intentions. Research Limitations/Implications - The limitations of the research displayed several elements limit among factors influencing online hotel booking intention of individual tourists in Bangkok. The scope of this study focused only on booking intentions of tourists who are traveling individually. Moreover, this research focused on the arrival of tourists in Bangkok so it may not be applicable for different nations. Although, diversity of tourists and geographic categories would have different consideration points toward their decision to book the hotel. Originality/Value – This research focuses on significant factors influencing online hotel booking intentions.


Author Biographies

Thanatnun Anutarawaykin, Graduate School of Business and Advanced Technology Management, Assumption University of Thailand



Jutamas Joysa, Graduate School of Business and Advanced Technology Management, Assumption University of Thailand



Chanthapa Li



Chompu Nuangjamnong, Professor, Assumption University, Thailand




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Anutarawaykin, T. ., Joysa, J. ., Li, C. ., & Nuangjamnong, C. (2023). Factors Influencing Online Hotel Booking Intention of Individual Tourists in Bangkok. AU-HIU International Multidisciplinary Journal, 3(2), 80-101. Retrieved from http://www.assumptionjournal.au.edu/index.php/auhiu/article/view/7507

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