A Correlational-Comparative Study of Self-Compassion and English Academic Achievement According to Gender of Grade 10 Students at Chakkam Khanathon School in Lamphun Province, Thailand

John Andrew Maccabi, Suwattana Eamoraphan, Pisutr Vapiso


In this study, self-compassion and English academic achievement were investigated and analyzed among grade ten male and female students. The sample of this study purposively selected 384 former grades 9 Chakkam Khanathon School male and female students out of a total of 594 grade 10 Chakkam Khanathon School students. The study used students’ grade 9 national English Ordinary National Educational Test (O-NET) to determine students’ English academic achievement. To determine students’ level of self-compassion the Self-Compassion Scale Short Form (SCS-SF) was used. Students were directed to self-report their grade 9 English O-NET scores and gender at the time of filling out the SCS-SF.

The findings indicated that the level of grade 10 students’ self-compassion was moderate and the level of students’ English academic achievement was adequately fair. There was no significant relationship between grade 10 students’ self-compassion and students’ English academic achievement. Also, there was no significant difference between grade 10 students’ self-compassion according to gender. Lastly, there was no significant difference between grade 10 students’ English academic achievement according to gender. Recommendations for English teachers and for future research are also provided.


Self-Compassion; Standardized Assessment

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