Factors Influencing Patient Loyalty towards Dental Care Providers – Residents in Bangkok, Thailand

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Wassilios Intzes
Chompu Nuangjamnong


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of service quality and reputation on patient satisfaction and patient loyalty. Specifically, the research is focused on exploring patient loyalty toward dental care providers in Bangkok, Thailand. Research design, data, and methodology: The research design, data collection, and methodology encompass both primary and secondary data sources. Employing a survey research design, the study successfully collected a valid sample of 385 patients who are residents of Bangkok, Thailand. The researcher adopted a non-probability sampling method, specifically employing the purposive sampling technique to gather data. The content validity of the study was established through an Index of Content Validity (IOC) assessed by three experts, while the internal consistency of the scale constructs for each variable was examined using Cronbach's Alpha to ensure reliability. The utilization of both descriptive and inferential statistical analyses, particularly multiple linear regression, was employed to determine the level of influence among the selected variables. Building upon the foundation of four frameworks from prior studies, a new conceptual framework was developed. This study reveals influential factors shaping patient loyalty toward dental care providers in Bangkok, Thailand. Results: The research findings revealed the relationship between service quality and patient satisfaction, recognizing them as pivotal elements that underpin patient loyalty. Conclusions: This research provided invaluable insights for the management of Dental Care Providers. By enhancing comprehension of the intricate interplay between the antecedents of service quality and the reputation of dental care providers, this study empowers the implementation of more effective strategies. Ultimately, the findings contribute to the improvement of patient loyalty toward dental care providers.


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Intzes, W., & Nuangjamnong, C. (2024). Factors Influencing Patient Loyalty towards Dental Care Providers – Residents in Bangkok, Thailand. AU-GSB E-JOURNAL, 17(1), 225-236. https://doi.org/10.14456/augsbejr.2024.22
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Wassilios Intzes

Master of Business Administration, Graduate School of Business and Advanced Technology Management, Assumption University of Thailand.

Chompu Nuangjamnong

Department of Innovative Technology Management, Graduate School of Business and Advanced Technology Management, Assumption University of Thailand.



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