Revisiting Shimla Eight Years Later: Has Anything Changed?

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Adarsh Batra


This study is part of a series of ‘investigative snapshots’ of the state of tourism in the capital city of the Indian State of Himachal Pradesh (H.P.), Shimla, which has undergone many cycles of expansion and densification, thus providing major opportunities and challenges for institutions and individuals at all levels. The initial surveys by the author in 2001 and 2002 and the recent one in 2009 bring out major issues with respect to tourism. To deal with the mountains of complex issues facing Shimla, tourism planners and marketers need to be honest about the scale of the challenges and recognize that a systemic and transformational change, not incremental gestures, is required. The paper concludes by highlighting the need for sustainable tourism policy implementation issues for Shimla.


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Adarsh Batra

Dr. Adarsh Batra is a lecturer at Assumption
University, Graduate School of Business.