The Current and Desirable States of School Management to Enhancing Creative Thinking Characteristics of Elementary School Students

Tunyarut Buaphan, Nuntarut Charoenkul, Pruet Siribanpitak


This study investigated the thinking framework of school management to enhance creative thinking characteristics of elementary school students, and to explore the current and desirable states of school management that help stimulate creative thinking characteristics of the elementary school students. The participants were school directors, vice directors, heads of administrations, teachers and students in 396 schools under Office of the Basic Education Commission. The  participants were required to complete the questionnaires and the interviews. The results of this study revealed that there were five tasks of the thinking participate in framework of school management which performed following the planning, implementation and evaluation processes such as, Course Development Task, Learning Process Management Task, Measurement and Evaluation Task, Learning Sources Development Task and Student Affairs. These tasks may have encouraged all the characteristics reflecting creative thinking of the elementary school students: curiosity, persistence, freedom, imagination, innovative though, aesthetics, risk taking, creative problem solving and intuition. The results also indicated that the current state of school management was found at a high level ( X = 3.73, S.D. = 0.67), while the desirable state of school management was found at the highest level ( X = 4.60, S.D. = 0.44).


School Management; Creative Thinking Characteristics; Elementary School Students

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