• Maria Socorro CL Fernando Editor in Chief and Program Director, MMOD and PhDOD , Graduate School of Business and Advanced Technology Management, Assumption University Thailand


The Editorial Team presents the 2nd issue of Volume 11 of the ABAC ODI Journal Vision. Action. Outcome.

This issue has 20 articles from authors whose publications provide valuable and quality knowledge sharing on topics and processes.  The articles used various research designs such as quantitative research, mixed method and qualitative research, and action research on topics related to organization development and management, hotel and tourism management, educational leadership and management, technology and teaching processes, technology education management, change management and  sustainability of teams and organizations. The studies represent a myriad of organizational contexts from several countries. It is our hope that the published articles will contribute valuable new knowledge in terms of innovative insights and applied learning experiences.

We appreciate the authors who have published this journal issue  . We also  extend our gratitude to the Editorial Advisory Board, Editorial Board, and the Editorial Team together with all our experts who serve as peer reviewers for their  continuous support and engagement in ensuring that this journal continues to develop as an  international  knowledge sharing   hub of  scholarly contributions of researchers on academic information ,inquiry ,  research ,  updates  and   best practices in the multi-disciplinary  field organization development, management , leadership and related social and human sciences.   




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