Publication Ethics

Ethical Guidelines for  ABAC ODI JOURNAL Vision. Action. Outcome

The ABAC ODI Journal  Vision. Action. Outcome  is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal.   To assure the quality and integrity of the publication process and quality of manuscripts, the publishers, editorial team, authors, and reviewers involved in the publication process adhere to conduct themselves in compliance with professional ethics and standards.  The journal adheres to the publication ethics according to the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)

Responsibility of the Publisher

ABAC ODI JOURNAL  Vision. Action. Outcome adheres to the  Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) 's Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers.

The journal publisher supports the editorial board's coordinated and best efforts,  the careful feedback and review of peer reviewers, and the authors' scholarly contributions.  

The publisher supports the systematic publication process and adherence to ethical guidelines by the editorial board, peer reviewers, and the authors. 

Responsibility of the Editorial Team

ABAC ODI JOURNAL  Vision. Action. Outcome  follows the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) 's Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors.

The editors acknowledge receipt of submitted manuscripts within two days. The editorial team conducts an initial screening, and the results will be sent to the author 15 days after initial submission.

The editors assign two peer reviewers who are experts in the field related to the manuscript's topic and ensure that the review process is adequate and efficient.

The editors ensure a high level of confidentiality of the review process. The journal assures that both authors' and peer reviewers' names and identities are not disclosed without their permission.  

Any editorial team member would decline to involve oneself in the editorial processing whenever one has any conflict of interest with any submitting authors or institutions.

Any member of the editorial team may only be a  second author of the manuscript submitted in the journal, provided that the editor is not all involved in any of the publishing process of that specific manuscript.

Any other Editorial Team member must take responsibility for evaluating the article and ensure the confidentiality of any information from peer reviewers.

It is the right of the editorial team to decide whether to accept or reject a manuscript following the journal's scope and standards of quality, coherence, relevance, clarity, originality, and peer review recommendations.

The editorial team does not require submitting authors to cite any articles in the ABAC ODI JOURNAL Vision. Action. Outcome as a prerequisite for acceptance for publication

The editorial team promptly and professionally handles any ethical complaint related to any submitted /published manuscript.  A proper formal correspondence will be undertaken between the editorial team and the corresponding author.  The entire process will be duly documented.  Retraction and corrections, when required, will be duly published.

Responsibility of the Peer Reviewers

ABAC ODI Journal Vision. Action. Outcome adheres to the  Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) 's COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers.

Any reviewer must notify the editorial team of his non-participation as a peer reviewer, especially if one considers him/herself not qualified to review the assigned manuscript,  may not meet the deadline for peer review if there is any conflict of interest. 

All reviewers must ensure the confidentiality of the reviewed manuscript. Any part of the manuscript should not be shared or disclosed with other parties except as authorized by the editorial team.

The reviewer should accomplish the peer-review job with objectivity and thoroughness, giving feedback on the manuscript to improve for possible publication.

The peer reviewer should notify the editors of any falsified or plagiarized data or double-submitted publications.

The peer reviewer should not reuse any part of the peer-reviewed manuscript for one's own research or publication

Responsibility of the Authors

Authors should assure the originality of the submitted manuscripts,  where references are all appropriately and correctly cited.  Any form of plagiarism is considered unacceptable and unethical.

Abac ODI Journal Vision. Action. Outcome requires a Turnitin result of 20% or less for a manuscript to be accepted for processing.

Authors assure that the manuscript is well written and that the topic adheres to the journal's scope, and assures the manuscript's quality.  The data presented in the articles should be original and discussed thoroughly.  The Editorial team may request the author for additional raw data to support the editorial or peer review process, especially if there would be any question raised about the research work's accuracy or validity during the peer review process.

Authors must abide by the peer reviewers' and editor feedbacks for revisions and provide details of all corrections undertaken in the manuscript.  The revised manuscript will be subjected to verifying revisions, and the decision to be accepted or rejected will be sent to the author.

Authors should explicitly cite all sources supporting the research, acknowledge all contributions, and declare any conflict of interest.   

Authors may cite  any   journal article published in this journal which may be   related to the topic of their submitted manuscript . This citation of articles is  highly appreciated by the editorial team .  However,  authors must  be aware that the final acceptance is  fully based on their satisfaction of  the quality standards set  by the peer reviewers and editorial team of the  ABAC ODI Journal Vision. Action. Outcome .

Authors should notify the editorial team of any obvious error(s) in the published manuscript.  Authors must collaborate with the editorial team in the process of correction or if a  retraction is required.

Authors submitting manuscripts to the ABAC ODI Journal Vision. Action. Outcome  are not allowed to submit the same manuscript to other journals. 

Authors are not also allowed to submit a previously published article in another journal. A published retraction of the article in the previous publication must be submitted to the editors