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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • The Turnitin result is 20% or less. Please submit complete document  from Turnitin  as supplementary file
  • Scope: The article submitted to ABAC ODI JOurnal is aligned to the Journal scope as indicated on the website : focuses on research and academic articles on various fields and applications related to Organization Development, ranging from action research based works , consulting projects , coaching and mentoring practices , positive change initiatives, whole brain based OD work, emerging OD models, leadership , management and organizational culture to other topics related to organizational change at the individual, team, organization , community and national levels.
  • Prepare manuscript following the requirements as stated in the Author guidelines.
  • The manuscript submitted in this journal has not been published previously or is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. The manuscript is approved to be submitted by all authors and that, if accepted, it will not be published elsewhere including electronically in the same form, in English or in any other language, without the written consent of the Editorial Team of this journal .
  • The submission file is in Microsoft Word,document file format.

    Use APA version 7 in the in text citations and references.  

  • Read and agree : Responsibility of the Authors

    Authors should assure the originality of the submitted manuscripts,  where references are all appropriately and correctly cited.  Any form of plagiarism is considered unacceptable and unethical.

    Abac ODI Journal Vision. Action. Outcome requires a Turnitin result of 20% or less for a manuscript to be accepted for processing.

    Authors assure that the manuscript is well written and that the topic adheres to the journal's scope, and assures the manuscript's quality.  The data presented in the articles should be original and discussed thoroughly.  The Editorial team may request the author for additional raw data to support the editorial or peer review process, especially if there would be any question raised about the research work's accuracy or validity during the peer review process.

    Authors must abide by the peer reviewers' and editor feedbacks for revisions and provide details of all corrections undertaken in the manuscript.  The revised manuscript will be subjected to verifying revisions, and the decision to be accepted or rejected will be sent to the author.

    Authors should explicitly cite all sources supporting the research, acknowledge all contributions, and declare any conflict of interest.   

    Authors may cite  any   journal article published in this journal which may be   related to the topic of their submitted manuscript . This citation of articles is  highly appreciated by the editorial team .  However,  authors must  be aware that the final acceptance is  fully based on their satisfaction of  the quality standards set  by the peer reviewers and editorial team of the  ABAC ODI Journal Vision. Action. Outcome .

    Authors should notify the editorial team of any obvious error(s) in the published manuscript.  Authors must collaborate with the editorial team in the process of correction or if a  retraction is required.

    Authors submitting manuscripts to the ABAC ODI Journal Vision. Action. Outcome  are not allowed to submit the same manuscript to other journals. 

    Authors are not also allowed to submit a previously published article in another journal. A published retraction of the article in the previous publication must be submitted to the editors

Author Guidelines

SCOPE:  Assure that the article is aligned to the scope of the ABAC ODI Vsion. Action. Outcome Journal:   (cf website) 

The journal focuses on research and academic articles on various fields and applications related to  Organization Development, ranging from action research based works , consulting projects  , coaching and mentoring practices , positive change initiatives,  whole brain based OD work,  emerging OD models, leadership , management and  organizational culture  to other topics related to organizational change at the individual, team, organization , community and national levels. .

Manuscript Submission Guidelines:   Authors  submitting  manuscripts    for publication in ABAC ODI Journal. Vision. Action. Outcome must conform to the following requirements.  Preparation of the manuscripts according to these guidelines is one of the requirements for initial screening prior to double blind peer reviews

1. Manuscript Format Requirements :  

  • Title:  Maximum length of title  is 20 words . Three   levels only  . Use Times Roman 12 ,bold, capitalize  all important words all CAPITAL words ,   single spaced,  and align center.
  • Authors :   Corresponding Author’s Name1, Second Author’s Name2   Times New Roman, 12pt, bold, single space, center aligned , First Last Name, put superscript after the author’s name, names of author should be the same as the name in the journal metadata ]
  • Author's Biographical information  :  superscript number corresponding to the author,  professional title, institutional affiliation, contact information, and email address). Indicate corresponding author, if more than one author., Times Roman 12 , center aligned and not bold] 
  • Abstract :  The abstract should briefly state the purpose of the research, the scope, methods, results,  and conclusions. Technical language, citations and non-standard or uncommon abbreviations should be avoided. However, when  abbreviations are essential, then they must be defined at their first mention in the abstract itself. The abstract should consist of 150-250 words written in one paragraph only .  Times New Roman,  12 pt, single spaced, justified aligned , and first line is not indented 
  • Keywords: 5-7   words below the abstract.  They should be the important words used in the article. Times New Roman, 12pt, lowercase
  • Introduction: presents  necessary background of the study ,  the statement of the research purpose, research questions and significance of the study. 
  • Literature Review  presents  previous studies relevant to the topic presented .  The citation must follow APA  7th edition. 
  • Methodology presents the hypotheses, research design ,research sampling, research instruments,  data collection  and data analysis process. 
  • Results and Discussion  presents   the data analysis ,interpretation, and explanation of the results based in the research questions and/or hypotheses of the study .
  • Conclusion and Recommendations  succinctly presents  the key findings  of the study including recommendations, implications , and suggestions for future research. 
  • Use APA version 7   throughout the entire article including  Table and Figure labels  format 
  • Entire article: Not more than 7000 words, inlcuding abstract and references. 
  • Reference List : alphabetical and follow APA7
  • Manuscript Format , Times Roman 12-point typeface , 1.15 space.  1" margin all over . Align left and indent first line of every paragraph (0.5 ") . No footnotes . 
    • Use third person  ( The author presents.....)
    • Acronyms , initials, abbreviations must be spelled out when used first time
  • Paper Size:  A4
  • Tables and figures :  All figures and tables must be in Jpeg format and embedded in the document . Use APA  7  style for labels. You may use colored diagrams. Font size for information in  tables and diagrams must be Times Roman 10 single space.  Diagram labels use  Tiimes Roman 10 . Photos are considered as figures.  All tables and figures must be explained or refered to in the text of the manuscript. 
  • Reference List  :  Use APA 7.  The list of references must include only the authors cited in the article. Authors submitting articles  based on dissertation , thesis or independent study must not copy and paste their entire references  or bibliography in the submitted article.    

           For Tables, figure, headings and citations and references , please refer to :


  • Turnitin :  All articles will have to submit a Turnitin report . Acceptable similarity Index is 20%.  Submit file as Supplementary file when submitting the article.
  • English Grammar : The article must conform to high quality of English grammar. Manuscripts written in poor quality of English language needs to be grammar checked by the author . 
  • Submit articles to the website: 
  • All submissions for revisions required :   must be submitted in the original submission portal . Always use the  original article code # assigned in the first submission. Never make a new submission for revisions.  Use the revision tab and not to submit as attached mail in the review discussions. 
  • Initial Screening. Submitted manuscripts are initially screened and approved before it is sent for anonymous  peer review. Initial screening is a step to check that all the recommended guidelines are met. Initial screening takes at least 15 working days.  The Editorial team reserves the right to accept, request revisions or deny acceptance of initial submissions. Revised articles are reviewed again and if qualifies will be sent for the peer review process. 
  • Peer review process . All  submitted  manuscripts  are anonymously peer reviewed by experts  as follows:
    • Masters candidate  paper : 3 peer reviewers
    • PhD candidate paper and beyond : 3 peer reviewers
  •   This anonymous peer review process takes two to four weeks . The journal editor will  send  the comments and recommendations for further action, acceptance or non acceptance . Compliance to the reviews given are required for final acceptance for publication .
  • Journal Article Template  for Publication   . The editors will send authors the  latest  template for final format of the manuscript for publication once the article is recommended  for acceptance for  publication. Authors must comply with the journal format requirements.  The journal  has an updated format starting April 2021 issue. 
  • As per  manuscripts submitted   and accepted for publication for the issue of  October  2024    , the   publication fee is   ThB 7, 000.00  only  (seven thousand Thai Baht only) 
    •    Transfer fee ( when paid from outside Thailand ) must be paid / handled separately by the author . 
  •  You can transfer payment online.  Please   forward   the deposit slip  after via email to Asst Prof Dr . Marrisa :   Subject :  Publication Payment. Indicate your  name as author and article  title.  <email to>
             Payment Details:  Assumption University ; 
                                                Bank of Ayudhaya (BAY)    425-1-00001-7
  • Letters of acceptance are issued after final version is submitted and publication fee is paid. The Letter of acceptance  and receipt of payment   is issued 7  working days after payment is received.  
  • The Editorial Board of the Journal reserves the right to schedule the online publication of the article after final acceptance.
  •  For further information,  contact: 

Asst. Prof. Dr .Marrisa Fernando

ODI Office, Graduate School of Business and Advanced Technology Management , 3rd Floor    L Building, Assumption University 592 Ramkhamhaeng Road Soi 24, Bangkok 10240     


 Submitted articles are subject for revision based on the recommendations of the peer reviewers and editors.  Final acceptance for publication is given only when all requirements for revisions have been duly complied with. and accepted by the editorial board. 

A formal acceptance letter from the Editorial Board stating the date of publication of the article will be sent by email.  Non-compliance with requirements for revisions will automatically mean non-acceptance for publication in this journal. 

The publication is owned by the Graduate School of Business- Assumption University Thailand.  Written permission is to be obtained if authors and/ or contributors wish to submit their published articles for another publication whether in print or any other media (blogs, e-journal, other international publications, etc.).

The individual contributing authors shall be personally held responsible for proper referencing and giving due credits to any material they have used in the articles they have submitted for publication. The  Letter of acceptance may be automatically canceled if article is found to have plagiarized and authors may be barred from submitting further articles into the journal.   The ABAC ODI Journal  Vision. Acton. Outcome  shall be not be held liable for any misplaced credits or non-credit, omission of  referencing, mistakes in  a material submitted by any of  contributing author, whether by negligence or otherwise. 

Under no circumstances, including, but not limited to, negligence, shall ABAC ODI Journal be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages that may result from the use of published materials from the contributing authors. The ABAC ODI JOURNAL Vision. Action. Outcome  does not make any representation, expressed or implied, with regard to the content of the articles accepted for publication.     In the same way, The ABAC ODI Journal  Vision. Acton. Outcome  and any of its editors shall not be held liable for any defamatory, offensive, or illegal conduct of any user, resulting from use of any of its published materials.  

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.