BOOK REVIEW The Oxford Guide to Library Research, 4e, 2015. Thomas Mann Oxford University Press, Oxford ISBN 978-0-19-993106-4


  • John Arthur Barnes


Reviewed by John Barnes


Many students at The Masters or Doctoral levels will benefit from Mann’s many years as a research librarian. The cover of the book contains glowing testimonials to Mann’s erudition and skill on his subject of library research. And the book is in it’s fourth edition which supports their claim.


This book will be of invaluable assistance to students at the MBA and Doctoral levels and to Ajarn and library staff teaching research students.


The book comprises the following chapters each of which is subdivided into specific easy to handle components:




Chapter 1: Initial Overview;

Chapter 2: Subject Headings and The Library Catalogue;

Chapter 3; General Browsing and Focused Browsing;

Chapter 4: Subject Headings and Descriptors in Data Bases for Journal Articles;

Chapter 5: Keyword Searches;

Chapter 6: Citation Searches;

Chapter 7; Related Record Searches;

Chapter 8:Higher-Level Overview Sources: Literature Review Articles

Chapter 9:Published Subject Bibliographies;

Chapter 10: Truncations, Combinations and Limitations;

Chapter 11: Locating Material in other Libraries;

Chapter 12: People Source;

Chapter 13: Hidden Treasures;

Chapter 14: Special Subjects and Formats;

Chapter 15: Reference Sources: Types of Literature;

Appendix A:Wisdom and Information Science.

Appendix B: Scholarship vs Quick Information Seeking;




Conclusion This book is highly recommended to both faculty, students and research librarians The volume quickly gets to the point and carefully explains each issue. The author recommends specific resources which experience has taught him are the best in their specific library and research applications.