BOOK REVIEW The Construction of Social Reality John R Searle The Free Press New York


  • John Arthur Barnes. PhD Graduate School of Business Assumption University Thailand


The reviewers’ interest in this topic derived from a study of perception and use or misuse of that term in the Tourism and Hospitality literature. One of authors on the subject of perception is John R Searle, the author of the book under this review.


Berger and Luckmann in 1966 pioneered publication in this field with their Social Construction of Reality, which spoke to how individuals construct their own social reality. The book under review here brings us up-to-date to the subject.


The volume of 241 pages comprises a Table of Contents, Acknowledgements, and an Introduction. The book comprises nine chapters, a Conclusion, End Notes, Name Index and a Subject Index.




Berger, Peter, L., Thomas, Luckmann, (1966), Social Construction of Reality, Random House, New York City.

Searle, John, R., (1995), The Construction of Social Reality, The Free Press, New York City.