Using Poetry to Enhance Learners’ Communication Skills

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Amporn Srisermbhok


This study investigated the impact of poetry in a language classroom. It aimed to 1) develop creative classroom activities through poetry writing, and 2) find out if poetry writing can enhance learners’ communication skills. The population in this study consisted of 20 personnel support staff of Southeast Bangkok College. There were 14 females and 6 males. Their ages ranged between 23 to 38.The project started on April 20, and ended on April30, 2015 with 40 hours intensive English. It was learner-centered with task- based activities. The participants in this study were selected by the director of each division across campus. Research tools were selected classical and modern poems as models for the participants to study and write their own poems. The qualitative research method was employed to analyze the data, consisting of the participants’ communication skills reflected in their poems, and their responses to the questionnaire. The findings revealed that all the participants enjoyed learning English through poetry reading and writing. They understood the power of figurative language, and were able to communicate their ideas or feelings effectively. In conclusion, poetry writing is one of the most practical ways to inspire creativity in a language classroom and develop learners’ communication skills.

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