Why Should Hotels Become More Environmentally Friendly? Does Gender Matter in Customer Feedback?


  • Jintanee Ru-zhe Walailak University
  • Somnuk Aujirapongpan Walailak University
  • Kullada Phetvaroon Prince of Songkla University, Phuket Campus
  • Charoenchai Agmapisarn Graduate School of Tourism Management National Institute of Development Administration (GSTM-NIDA)


DOI: 10.59865/abacj.2023.51
Published: 2023-10-05


Customer satisfaction; Green practices; Loyalty to green hotels; Word-of-Mouth


A year after the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, the hotel industry is showing signs of recovery. Environmental issues have also increased the pressures on this sector. As such, this study examines the effect of eco-friendly hotel practices on customer feedback in the post-COVID-19 era. The relationships between green practices, customer satisfaction, and loyalty to green hotels, and the effect of customer feedback on sustainability through intentions to revisit and word-of-mouth are also examined. In addition, the role of customer satisfaction and loyalty to green hotels as mediators is considered while the role of gender in these relationships is explored. PLS-SEM and PLS-MGA were used to create a cross-sectional descriptive and analytical design.

Results demonstrate a significant association between the implementation of ecologically friendly practices and consumer satisfaction and loyalty to green hotels. Word-of-mouth and COVID-19 concerns have a substantial effect on intentions to revisit. The main findings are that in terms of associations between design and landscape and revisit intentions, women are more loyal to green hotels than men.

In conclusion, the positive association between green practices and various guest-related outcomes implies that hotels aiming for sustainability must prioritize effective communication, strategic branding, employee engagement, and ongoing improvement. Females’ loyalty to green hotels and intentions to revisit have been found to be strongly correlated, providing hotels with the chance to establish a distinctive brand and win over a devoted clientele. Additionally, environmental policy is confirmed to enhance sustainable practices in the hotel sector.