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Kitti Phothikitti


This research aimed to analyze the factors that affect online purchasing behavior of consumers who live in Bangkok, Thailand. The variables that have been used in this study framework were perceived risks, perceived advantages, hedonic motivations, trust and security, and website content. The questionnaire was conducted and selected from 407 respondents in Bangkok area only by using non-probability sampling method as convenience and snowball sampling. The main method used to apply for this research are multiple linear regression which shows that website design and content is the most impacted factor toward consumers’ online shopping behavior. Thus, it showed that design and content of website towards online merchandise are the most important in determining online purchasing behavior of Bangkok consumers. The finding suggested that by enhancing the consumer purchasing intentions, the online stores should rather focus on website design and content factors than address reliability and trust issues.


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Phothikitti, K. (2021). FACTORS IMPACTING ON ONLINE PURCHASING BEHAVIOUR TOWARD CONSUMERS IN BANGKOK, THAILAND. AU-GSB E-JOURNAL, 13(2), 120-126. Retrieved from http://www.assumptionjournal.au.edu/index.php/AU-GSB/article/view/5233


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