ASEAN and Its Future: Some Cautionary Notes!

Noel Jones


This Article, written as a set of chronological questions and answers, condenses a vast amount of information meant to increase the readers’ awareness and understanding of ASEAN and its many dimensions. Starting with the year 1976, the chronologically-raised issues range from the Treaty of Amity to the three pillars of ASEAN Community, to ASEAN’s relations with APEC and ASEM and expand beyond the boundaries of ASEAN to consider the consequences of the closer U.S. relations with the 10-member group. This article also explores the ramifications for ASEAN of the current tensions between the USA and China on trade, currency, and security. The assumption made when looking at this relationship is that, as China is becoming more proactive, the U.S. has no option but to be actively engaged in this area of the world, the fastest-growing one. Anything short of this and the U.S. will find that its position will erode.


ASEAN; APEC; ASEAN Regional Forum; ASEAN Economic Community

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