A Comparative Study of Corporate Image in the Real Estate Industry in the City of Kunming, China

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Honglian Yang


This research aims to investigate the differences in terms of corporate identity, reputation, and corporate image between two real estate developers in the city of Kunming, China. Additionally, the relationship between corporate identity, reputation and corporate image was also tested. The data was collected from 400 respondents by using a non-probability sampling procedure. The research outcomes revealed that there was a difference between these two developers in terms of corporate identity with regard to name, price, and distinctive features, in terms of reputation with respect to credibility, and in terms of corporate image. In contrast, no difference existed in their advertising of corporate identity and reputation with respect to product quality and financial soundness. Moreover, for both developers, a positive relationship between corporate identity, reputation, and corporate image was shown to exist

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Honglian Yang

Honglian Yang recently graduated from Assumption University, Graduate School of Business. This research was conducted under the supervision of Assistant Professor Sirion Chaipoopirutana.