George Orwell’s Animal Farm: Boxer’s Kindness and His Motto, “I Will Work Harder”

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Khomduen Phothisuwan
Prapaipan Aimchoo


This study discussed the horse Boxer’s motto, “I will work harder” in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. The objectives were to point out how Boxer was portrayed and to analyze how the motto reflected his kindness. Theoretical ideas regarding kindness were focused on. The qualitative method was employed; the findings were reported in the form of a descriptive analysis. The study found that Boxer was portrayed to have an enormous body, contrasting with his limited intelligence. It also found that the motto reflected his kindness when he did physical hard labor. Furthermore, kindness was seen through Boxer’s killing when he defended the farm animals from human intruders. The study argues that working hard is related to survival of the fittest. It also argues that working hard and kindness bring advantage not only to the community as a whole but to an individual as a personal gain.

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