Comparing Portuguese and Chinese university students


  • Rossana Duran Heilongjiang International University


China, Culture, Portugal, University, Students


The purpose of this paper is to analyze the academic environment of universities in Portugal and in China. Within the academic environment of both countries, the main focus is to compare and contrast the attitudes and behavior of both countries’ university students. Their behavior is examined both in the context of the classroom and also from the perspective of the relationships between them and their foreign teachers. This paper also explores the ways the students from both cultures are regarded by their respective societies, as well as what each of these societies expects from the university teachers. The data encompassed in this article stems mainly from the author’s personal experience as a Portuguese national working as a university teacher in China, complemented with information gathered from materials dedicated to the analysis of the Portuguese and the Chinese cultures. The findings demonstrate that strong variations in the conduct of students from each culture can be observed, and such variations are pinpointed, which can serve as a guide for individuals who intend to move to Portugal or China and work as university teachers in these countries. This paper ultimately demonstrates that research should be conducted by any individual who desires to live and work abroad.

Author Biography

Rossana Duran, Heilongjiang International University

Lecturer, Department of Western Languages (Portugese Major)




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