The Interpretive Plan for Si Sun Thon Tourist Attraction’s Uniqueness Thalang District Phuket, Thailand


  • Worapong Chairerk Phuket Rajabhat University


Interpretive, Tourist Attraction, Uniqueness, Si Sun Thon Community


This article aimed to; study techniques and proper interpretive tools for Si Sun Thon tourist attraction; and illustrate the interpretive plans for Si Sun Thon tourist attraction.   The samples were tourists, stakeholders in local tourism, and tourism experts.The data was gathered by; 1) brainstorming stakeholders’ discussions and suggestions; 2) investigating needs of interpretive plans; 3) evaluating the essential concepts  standard of the interpretive plans for the community’s exclusiveness. The results indicated that the tourists’ need of the interpretive tools was at the “moderate” level which the  mean score was at 3.28. The top-three preferred items were 1)QR Code ; 2)Signs; and 3)The information center.In terms of the appropricateness of main concepts of presenting the tourst attraction’s uniqueness; it was found that the particular concepts were applicable  (IOC = 0.66). The interpretive plans were divided into three dimensions which were; 1) the historical interpretive  plan 2)  the heritage tourism interpretive plan and 3) the Eco-tourism interpretative plan. The evaluation of the interpretive development plan was in the excellent level at the average score of 82.25.


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