The Influence of Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivations on the Use of Facial Skin-Care for Males in Bangkok


  • Ponsinh Toto Boutkaska


Male skin-care, Metrosexual, Socio-cultural


Previous studies of facial skin-care usage in males have largely focused on intrinsic motivations involving confidence building, or gaining tangible benefits like skin lightening. However, this study will expand into the extrinsic motivations which can help to explain why male facial skin-care has become a fast growing business segment in contrast to its status of virtually non-existent a few decades back. Qualitative group discussion sessions of four groups with 8 respondents categorized by age and usage was conducted to aid the questionnaire set up for the quantitative research. The quantitative part of the research utilised 400 respondents divided into facial skin-care users and non-facial skin-care users exploring both extrinsic and intrinsic motivations on the use of skin-care for males in Bangkok. The findings showed that the perpetuation of marketing efforts promoting the metrosexual lifestyle and the greater acceptance of this lifestyle among reference groups enabled a confound shifting of socio-cultural attitudes. This change in attitude translates to changes in behavior, enabling the male facial skin-care segment to off-shoot from the pre-existing female skin-care segment and become a segment all of its own. The acquired knowledge regarding the extrinsic and intrinsic motivations for skin-care usage in males may be used by firms in other industry segments that are planning new innovations, to keep in mind that shifts in socio-cultural norms