ABAC Journal Vol. 35 No. 2 (May-December, 2015) issue is now online


December 30, 2015

Dear Readers,

 It’s always a pleasure to present to you another issue of ABAC Journal. 

 As ever, this December issue comes with a variety of articles to meet our readers’ diverse interest.  Beside the contents, please note some changes on the front cover as well as inner front and back pages just to make the Journal clearer and more focused to readers and contributors alike, e.g. the three areas of academic fields we cover.     


Again, I am grateful to Bro. Bancha Saenhiran, the AU President, all advisors, reviewers, authors, continuing and new editorial board members, as well as our hard working editorial team. My special thanks to assistant editor- Mr. Aung Kyi Win and linguistic editor- Mr. Daniel Merillat- for their professional help.  

 Our best wishes for the Year 2016. See you again soon with our special issue in March 2016.


Absorn Meesing, Ed D

Managing Editor