The Effects of Mental Health Education on Social Stigma and Attitudes toward Seeking Mental Health Service among Koreans

Yunyoung Kim, Robert Ho


This study examined the effect of mental health education on reducing social stigma as well as improving attitudes toward seeking mental health service among Koreans. The study employed a between-subjects (experimental versus control groups) and repeated measures (pre- and post-intervention strategy) design. The total sample comprised 60 participants recruited from Cargill Agri Purina Incorporation in Bundang, South Korea. GLM multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) for repeated measures showed that the Korean participants’ perception of social stigma and their attitude towards seeking mental health service became more positive after exposure to an education program that focused on the benefits of mental health care services. The findings were discussed in terms of the importance of employing mental health education as an intervention strategy in reducing the stigma associated with as well as increasing positive attitudes toward seeking therapy among Korean people.


Mental Health; Mental Health Education; Mental Health Service; Attitude toward Seeking Mental Health Service; Stigma; Social Stigma

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