Visitors' Views of China West Film Studio's Tourist Business Based on their Movie-social Lifestyle

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Shan Shan Wang


Film Theme Parks, which combine activities of the film industry with those of the tourism industry, appear to be a thriving new form of tourism in China. Benefiting from the popularity of Chinese movies as well as the growth of tourist activities, the film theme park business is booming, generating significant revenue for China’s tourism sector. As it keeps growing, a study on its success and development seem appropriate and may prove helpful to film theme park managers. It may also contribute to the sustainability of this activity as a viable part of tourism in China. With an aim to understand the business factors of film theme parks, this research, a case study, focuses on one specific film them park, the China West Film Studio in the Ningxia Province, to investigate the relationships between tourists’ movie-social lifestyle with regard to business factors. This study adopts a visitors’ point of view and uses the factor analysis to categorize the visitors’ movie-social lifestyle characteristics. The analysis of the data, obtained through questionnaires, reveal that visitors can be grouped in six clusters, each one showing different aspects of their views on the various business factors offered by China West Film Studio. While the study indicates that studio’s business factors on service and movie themes meet with relative success, it also suggests that the studio should pay more attention on the improvement of its facilities, publicity, activities, and prices.


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Shan Shan Wang

Shan Shan Wang recently graduated from Assumption University, Graduate School of Business. This research was completed under the supervision of Dr. Apichat Intravisit.