Factors Influencing Cosmetics Purchase Intention in Thailand: A Study on the Relationship of Credibility and Reputation with in Persuasive Capabilities of Beauty Bloggers.

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Peerapatra Chaovalit


The purpose of this study is to examine the factors affecting beauty bloggers’ credibility and how credibility itself influences cosmetic purchase intentions of Thai people. As identified by Ohanian (1990), three variables impacting one’s decision-making process (trustworthiness, expertise and attractiveness) are considered along with two additional variables determined by this researcher through focus group interviews to fit with and complement them. These are reputation and persuasive capabilities. Demographic factors of the respondents (age, gender, etc) were investigated as part as understanding differences, if any, in the cosmetic purchase intentions of Thai people. The Pearson Correlation analysis indicates that all independent variables have a positive relationship with purchase intention. Moreover, the results from the one-way ANOVA analysis show that the demographic factors variously affect the purchase intention of cosmetics of respondents.

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Peerapatra Chaovalit

Peerapatra Chaovalit recently graduated from Assumption University, Graduate School of Business. This research was completed under the supervision of Dr. Aaron Loh.