Application of Importance - Performance Analysis Model in Evaluation Service Quality of Diving Tour Operator in Nha Trang (Viet Nam)

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Vo Tran Hai Linh


The purpose of this study is to improve service quality for dive tour operators in Nha Trang (Viet Nam), so the objectiveswere set to understand the divers’ opinion on dimensions of service quality of diving experiences in Nha Trang, and their evaluation of the diving tour operators’ performance. Analysis employed the Importance – Performance analysis (IPA) paradigm based on five dimensions and twenty five attributes of service quality (Parasuraman, 1988). The results are significant to dive tour operators because it showed clearly the managerial implications in order to provide a quality service during the dive tourism experience. In details, it indicated that Tangibles, Responsiveness and Reliability were in the quadrant “Low Priority”, which means low importance and low performance. Moreover, Assurance and Empathy dimensions had high importance and high performance, so they were in the quadrant of “Keep Up The Good Work”.

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