A study to analyze the impact of price and service quality on purchase intention of retailers of Amul Chocolates


  • Shivani Chilhate Student MBA , BSSS Institute Of Advanced Studies (BSSS IAS )
  • Amit Kumar Nag Professor, BSSS Institute of Advanced Studies (BSSS-IAS)


 PURPOSE:  The aim of this study is to identify the effect of Price (PR) and service quality (QT) provided by the company on the Purchase Intention (PI) of retailers of Amul chocolates. In the research, Price and Service quality are independent variable and Purchase intention is dependent on the other two.

RESEARCH DESIGN & METHODOLOGY:  The data collected for the study is Primary data collected through questionnaire from the respondents of Bhopal. The targeted population was retailers of niche market, particularly; retailers of Bakery, Dairy, Florists, Chocolate Confectionaries and other AC outlets. The sample size taken is 102 and the respondents are from Bhopal city and nearby localities & the sampling method and technique used while data collection is Non- Probability Convenience Sampling.  The research is based on Structural Equation Model (SEM), the model is having two independent and one dependent variable and Smart PLS and Jamovi are the software used for analysis, interpretation of data and followed by Hypothesis testing for the conclusion.

FINDINGS: In this research, it has been found that there is a significant impact of price and service quality on Purchase intention of Retailers. Though, it can be interpreted from data analysis that, Service Quality significantly impacts Purchase Intention more than price by the Retailers.

PRACTICAL IMPLICATIONS: This research has its implications for Purchase intention of the retailers of Amul Chocolates that can be used by the company for sales promotion strategies. Service Quality has direct impact on Purchase intention thus, optimum strategy can made for sales growth keeping in mind Service Quality as one of the major factors determining Sales.

ORIGINALITY VALUE: This research helps to determine the major factor influencing the Purchase Intention of the Retailers towards Amul Chocolates.




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