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The Organizing Committee of the Asia Pacific School Psychology Association (APSPA) invites prospective authors to submit their original manuscripts and working papers in the areas related to main theme and subthemes of the conference. Acceptance of the peer reviewed, full papers will be intimated by email for the conference presentation and journal publications- based on originality, quality relevance and other considerations. All papers will go through a double-blind review process and plagiarism check. Papers approved by the conference committee will be published in International Journal of the Asia Pacific School Psychology .

Conference guidelines

  • The abstract, not exceeding 500 words should have a maximum of five key words
  • Only original unpublished research work not exceeding 5000-6000 words should be sent
  • All the authors, in the case of co-authors must register individually. At least one coauthor should be available to present the paper at the conference
  • Certificate of participation/ presentation will be awarded to the participant only if he/she has registered
  • The paper must include the title, author(s) name, designation, name of the institution/organization, mailing address, e-mail, and contact number
  • Soft copy of the paper must be submitted in A4 size page by using APA 7th edition referencing style, Times new roman font with the heading in size14 and body of the text in size 12 with 1.5 line spacing.


Important dates

Feb 22th  2022 –  22 June 2022

Registration to attend Conference with paper submission


22nd June 2022

Full Paper Submission Deadline

10 July 2022

Deadline for submission for revised qualified Paper and Poster Presentation

July 22-23, 2022

Conference and Presentations


Registration fee:

Authors: US$50

AU/APSPA Members US$20

Participants: US$30


Payment method

Credit card or Bank Transfer to Assumption University of Thailand


For more information

e-mail: apspa2022@au.edu

Website: http://www.apspa2022.au.edu


Department of Psychology, Assumption University of Thailand

Graduate School of Human Sciences



About the Conference


  • To raise visibility on the importance of positive mental health and well-being among children and youth.
  • To provide a multidisciplinary platform to discuss issues of transformative learning experiences in education and psychology


Asia Pacific School Psychology Association (APSPA)

The Asia Pacific School Psychology Association (APSPA) is a professional organization that supports and advocates for school psychologists to provide professional training so as to have a positive impact on school systems to improve academic skills, social-emotional functioning, and mental-behavioural health of all students.. The Asia Pacific School Psychology Association (APSPA), under the presidency of  Dr. Panch. Ramalingam, held the 1st International conference was held at National Institute of Education, Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2020 and 2nd  International Conference at AIMST University, Malaysia in 2021.

The members of the core committee unanimously resolved to form office bearers of the Association with available school psychologists from different countries for the promotion of school psychology services in the Asia Pacific region. This will cater to the needs of promotion of common school psychology services in the Asia Pacific region especially in the area of mental health and well-being.


Assumption University

Assumption University was initially originated from Assumption Commercial College in 1969 as an autonomous higher education institution under the name of Assumption School of Business. In 1972, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, it was officially established as "Assumption Business Administration College" or ABAC. In May 1975, it was accredited by the Ministry of University Affairs. In 1990, it was granted new status as “Assumption University” by the Ministry of University Affairs.


The University is a non-profit institution administered by the Brothers of St. Gabriel, a worldwide Catholic religious order, founded in France in 1705 by St. Louis Marie De Montfort, devoted to education and philanthropic activities. The congregation has been operating many educational institutions in Thailand since 1901.

The University is an international community of scholars, enlivened by Christian inspiration, engaged in the pursuit of truth and knowledge, serving the human society, especially through the creative use of interdisciplinary approaches and cybertechnology.