Perceived Effectiveness of Principals at Three Selected Bi-Lingual Schools in Relation to Leadership Characteristics and Teachers’ Personal Profile


  • Melanie Bubuli


Leadership Characteristics, Implementing Goals, Strategic Plans, Administrator, Parental Satisfaction, Teachers Personal Profile


The factors and variables that relate to perceived effectiveness of principals in relation to Leadership Characteristics as measured through the following dimensions: (1) providing leadership; (2) implementing goals and strategic plans; (3) serving as an administrator; and (4) ensuring parental satisfaction and Teacher‘s Personal Profile such as gender, age, highest education attainment, marital status and the school they belong to that contribute to the academic success of limited English proficient students in three Private Secondary Bi-Lingual Schools in Bangkok, Thailand were investigated. The 122 teachers completed the principal leadership survey and the principal effectiveness surveys that were divided into the four dimensions mentioned above. Results indicated that there are only three significant determinant of principal effectiveness; they are: (1) the school that teachers belong to; (2) principal leadership characteristic of providing leadership; and (3) principal leadership characteristic of ensuring parental satisfaction. Gender, marital status, highest education attained, principal leadership characteristic of implementing goals and strategic plan and principal leadership characteristic of serving as an administrator revealed as non – predictors of principal effectiveness.

Author Biography

Melanie Bubuli

M. Ed. Candidate in Educational Administration, St. Theresa International College, Thailand