Development of A Performance Management System for Teachers in Schools Under the St. Gabriel’s Foundation of Thailand


  • Artip Sornsujitra


A Performance Management System, Teachers, Schools under the St. Gabriel‘s Foundation of Thailand


This study aimed to develop a performance management system for teachers in schools under the St.Gabriel‘s foundation of Thailand through the application of descriptive research. Data were collected by using questionnaire to discover the state, problems and ideas in many issues concerning performance management for teachers. The questionnaire was structured based on main components, subcomponents, including essential characteristics, in accordance with concepts, theories and operational definitions of performance management and a performance management system. The interviews with representatives from each group of schools were conducted to obtain additional results used for designing the system, which was verified in terms of quality by experts. The interviews with school directors and a focus group discussion between heads of the academic division and heads of the personnel section of each school were arranged in order to study feasibility and appropriateness of the implementation of the system.

The research findings could be summarized that the state of performance management was practiced at a medium level. The problem was lack of knowledge, understanding and skills on part of the persons in charge. The performance management system for teachers in schools under the St. Gabriel‘s foundation of Thailand should be a performance management system that integrated organizational performance and personal performance, comprising five main components. Such components were: 1) Planning, 2) Acting, 3) Monitoring, 4) Reviewing, and 5) Feedback.

Each component was composed of subcomponents and characteristics showing the details and methods of operation, examined and certified in terms of quality by experts, with the average value at the highest level (between 4.51-5.00). From the evaluation of feasibility and appropriateness of the implementation of the system, it turned out that the average value fell at a high level (between 3.51-4.50).

Author Biography

Artip Sornsujitra

Ph.D. Candidate in Educational Administration, Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand