Developing A Model of Instructional Leadership with Reference to Differentiated Instruction of English at Life University in Cambodia


  • Daniel Hoani Yim


Instructional Leadership, Differentiated Instruction, Second Language Acquisition, Motivation, Attribution, Student Achievement


The purpose of this research is to develop a model of instructional leadership to help students with low achievement of English to improve their English learning at Life University (LU) in Cambodia. This research had four objectives such as exploring instructional leadership; identifying the causes of low achievement of English; determining factors contributing to high achievement of English at LU in Cambodia; and developing a model of instructional leadership to enhance English learning at LU in Cambodia.

The questionnaire for students was made by integrating theories of motivation and attribution. The questionnaire for instructors was based on instructional leadership theory. The researcher administered the questionnaires to 286 students and 38 academic staff at LU in Cambodia.

The research findings about instructional leadership include that LU instructional leaders’ behaviors were indirectly influencing student
achievement; and they need to be more concerned about data gathering & assessment for student achievement. The research findings about English
learning show that the causes of low achievement of English are negative attitudes toward learning English, attribution to ability, difficulty of the test, and mood on the day. The factors of high achievement of English are
found in high integrative orientation in English, strong desire to learn English, positive attitude toward learning English, and attribution to their English grade to their effort.

After the analysis and the interpretation of the data, the findings were integrated and applied as the grounds of developing a model of instructional
leadership to improve English learning through differentiated instruction.

Author Biography

Daniel Hoani Yim

Ph.D. Candidate in Educational Leadership, Graduate School of Education, Assumption University, Thailand