Ideas for Coexistence: Wang Zheng’s Integration of Catholicism and Confucianism


  • Ding Ruizhong


Wang Zheng of Shaanxi Jingyang was an important figure in the history of Chinese and Western cultural exchange in the late Ming Dynasty. He chose to be baptized into the Catholic faith by missionaries, and he actively introduced and translated Western scientific works and wrote many of his own religious works. These works integrated Confucianism and Catholicism. He also funded the construction of churches, and founded the Ren Association. There is a deep significance in Wang Zheng’s attempt at religious integration, particularly for contemporary China Catholics. This paper examines the work of Zheng and shows how his approach to cultural exchange and mutual learning are important for the promotion of peaceful coexistence.

Author Biography

Ding Ruizhong

Shaanxi Academy of Social Sciences, China