The Prophetic Role of Religion in Strengthening Cultural Construction


  • John B. Zhang


China has made remarkable progress in areas such as the economy, trade, sports, science and technology. However, though rapid economic development has been impressive, examples of charitable services, sharing and sympathy are still rare. The gap between rich and poor in China continues to widen, while instances of corruption and fraud keep surfacing. At the same time, the uncertainty of belief systems and the blind pursuit of money and other material benefits only worsens social morality and dampens the development of religion and culture. Therefore Chinese society today must not only seek to strengthen the reconstruction of traditional culture, morality, conscience and law, but also enhance prophetic awareness. The term “culture” has again become very popular and is often used in Chinese society. This paper investigates how China has shifted its focus from economic development to cultural construction and how cultural legal, spiritual and moral constructions are as important as economic progress.

Author Biography

John B. Zhang

Faith Institute for Cultural Studies, China