Confucian Ethics in Modern Society: Appropriating Confucianism in Contemporary Discourses


  • Manuel B. Dy, Jr.


The task of this paper is to show the relevance of Confucian ethics to modern society. We now live in a global society, characterized by the development of technology, market economy, the rise of democratic forms of society, and instant communication overcoming the limitations of space and time. Yet the same globalization has brought forth a widening gap of the rich and the poor, the degradation of nature, the migration of peoples away from their families, a consumerist society, and the subjugation of the individual and the state to the world order. While we cannot avoid the globalization process, we can address specific issues arising from the process. This paper will limit itself then to issues pertaining to the family, the state, nature, and to the cosmos (cosmopolitanism).

Author Biography

Manuel B. Dy, Jr.

Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines