• Stephen Evans


“Phenomenology” has taken on such a variety of definitions
that it behooves anyone referring to the method to
explain exactly what she means by it. The present essay
characterizes phenomenology as a practice rather than
as a theoretical framework. It is a means of gathering
what Heidegger calls “phenomenological facts.” The
attempt is to discern Heidegger’s practice of the method
in Being and Time, hopefully allowing us both to better
understand that work and to further pursue the hermeneutic
of human existence. Following a quick review of some
of the difficulties interpreting Being and Time, Husserl’s
phenomenology is reviewed with help from Sartre. The
phenomenology of Being and Time is then characterized as
a mode of befindlichkeit, findingness. In this way “Dasein”,
finds itself constantly and essentially. Phenomenology
makes that finding, as opposed to what is found, explicit:
finding finds itself.


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