BOOK REVIEW Research Strategies: Finding Your Way Through The Information Fog, 6e, 2017. William Badke I Universe, Bloomington Ill.


  • John Arthur Barnes, Ph.D.


Reviewed by John Barnes


This book will be of invaluable assistance to students at the MBA AND Doctoral levels and Ajarn teaching those students.

The book is written by a research librarian who shares his invaluable knowledge of the modern electronic library and data base systems and the foibles of those systems. The book comprises the following parts:


A Preface, 11 chapters and extensive multipart series of Appendices. Chapters are as follows:


Chapter 1 Welcome To The Information Fog;

Chapter 2 What is This Thing Called “Scholarship” and Why Does It Matter?

Chapter 3 Taking Charge;

Chapter 4 Dat Base Searching With Key Words and Hierarchies;

Chapter 5 Metadata and The Power of Controlled Vocabularies;

Chapter 6 Discovery Searches Library Catalogues and Journal Data Bases;

Chapter 7 Internet Research;

Chapter 8 Other Resources and Case Studies in Research;

Chapter 9 Learning How To Read For Research;

Chapter 10 Organizing Your Resources To Write Your Paper;

Chapter 101Tips on Research Writing;

Appendices: A Research Paper Clinic; More Tips and Trouble-Shooting For Development Of Great Research Papers.

A1Research Questions;

A2 Practice With Research Questions;

A3 Types of Research Papers;

A4 The Outline as a Research Paper Guidance System;

A5 Building The Substance of The Essay;

A6 Bibliographic Style.

A7 Conclusion.


Conclusion This book is highly recommended to both faculty and Students and is unique in its approach and benefits from the wisdom attained by the author through library research practice gained over a thirty year period.


This book will save all users many hours in locating summarizing and organizing their research materials.