• Maria Socorro Cristina (Marrisa) Fernando,PhD MMOD Associate Program Director and Lecturer Graduate School of Business Assumption University Thailand




Maria Socorro Cristina L.  Fernando, Ph.D.

MMOD Associate Program Director and Lecturer

Graduate School of Business

Assumption University of Thailand



This journal issue presents three articles on organization development in three settings.


The first article  “ The Relationship between Personal Impact of Organizational Change and Employee Commitment: The Mediating Role of Organizational Justice”  by Maya D. Imberman, Patricia Denise J. Lopez,  and Jonathan D. Troper  presents how the four dimensions of organizational justice  mediated the influence of personal impact of change on affective organizational commitment and results showed that management practices perceived as fair will reap the benefits of employee commitment and increase the long-term success of organizational change efforts.


The first  research article is entitled “  Developing High Performance Teams (HPT) through Employee Motivation, Interpersonal Communication Skills, and Entrepreneurial Mindset Using Organization Development Interventions (ODI)”  by   Vasu Keerativutisest and Bruce J. Hanson .  The study involved  selected Thailand based Engineering Service Companies and intended to develop entrepreneurial mindset, employee motivation and interpersonal communication skills to achieve higher performance teams through the organizational development interventions (ODIs) such as  business and communication knowledge training, motivation through job enrichment, team development activities with technical problem solving and entrepreneurial team project and dialoguing with teams and observation .  Results showed that employee motivation, interpersonal communication skills and entrepreneurial mindset statistically significantly predicted team performance while team performance had a positive relationship with the perceived performance by the customer.


The third article on “The Impact of an Organization Development Intervention on the Strength-Based Leadership Behaviors of Team Leaders and Team Members by   Kampon  Ruethaivanich and Arlene Scott.   This study determined the impact of the organization development interventions on strength-based leadership behaviors of team leaders in order to support the strategic objectives of an organization in developing a capable workforce, winning in the market, and creating an ability to capture rising opportunities associated with the aging population trend in Thailand.  Results of the study showed   a change in the level of the strength-based leadership behaviors of team leaders and that these changes resulted in an impact on their team members.


These three articles are exploratory  using  action research  to effect change in teams and organizations.  We can glean new knowledge, insights and design for better effectiveness of individuals, team and companies leading to higher performance.


We are grateful for the contributions of our authors, the support of the peer reviewers, the editorial board and staff.