Designing and Implementing ODI to Improve Communication and Coordination: A Case Study Standard Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Secretarial Section


  • Wantida Khumtong mmod 21
  • Sirichai Preudhikulpradab. PhD Program Director and Lecturer,MMOD Graduate School of Business Assumption University of Thailand




Competition nowadays in all business types is getting higher. Keeping  the organization effective and ready for any changes is very important. The purpose of this Action Research is to improve the communication and coordination between the  secretarial section and other departments. The researcher designed an appropriate OD Intervention to improve  communication and coordination. The first intervention was  designing  a manual and provided training to the departments who coordinated directly with the secretarial section. The second intervention involved communication training for the secretarial section.  This study used  quantitative research method. It consisted of two sets of questionnaire used for secretarial section and other departments. The statistical analysis was applied to analyze the data to obtain the  mean, percent, and standard deviation. T-Test was used to measure the effect of the OD interventions between the pre and the post sessions.  The OD interventions were implemented in  three weeks. The results of the findings  reveal that the designed interventions significantly  impacted communication and coordination between secretarial section and other departments. The training for improving communication skills at secretarial section also had a significant effect.

Key Words: communication, coordination, supportive role 



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