Raising Awareness of Career Goals of Insurance Agents : A Case Study of Choomthong 24K26, AIA Company.


  • Panita Lasim MMOD
  • Maria Socorro Cristina Fernando
  • Nathaya Pupat, PhD


This article is a summary of key study done on a group of AIA insurance agents (Choomthong 24K26).   It focused on raising awareness of career goals of insurance agents. The study was based on three main factors; performance, excellence and self-development. The respondents of this study were 33 AIA agents who were selected according to their overall performance. Two main methods were used to collect data:  interview and questionnaire. Data gathered through questionnaires were collected twice during the study period, firstly before ODI and secondly, after ODI while interview was only done after the ODI phase. There were various theories which aided in understanding the key factors behind the study. These were; whole brain, AIDA model, Ice-berg, Self-mastery model, Kurt Lewin’s theory of change, Kotter’s eight stages of change and lastly which was selected to guide in the ODI process was AI (Appreciative Inquiry). These theories gave an understanding on how the performance, self-development and excellence of an individual can be improved. Data analysis was done through the use of mean, standard deviation and the Wilcoxon matched-pair signed rank test. The alternative hypothesis for the study was that there is an impact of ODI on the performance, excellence and self-development of insurance agents. It was evident from the comparison of Pre and Post-ODI result of the data analysis that there was an improvement in the career goals of insurance thus the alternative hypothesis was accepted.

Keywords: performance, excellence, self-development, individual development plan, career path setting, competency, recruitment.

Author Biographies

Maria Socorro Cristina Fernando

Associate Director and Full time Lecturer, MMOD

Graduate School of Business

Assumption University of Thailand

Nathaya Pupat, PhD

Director, Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
Assumption University of Thailand




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