Developing Cross-Cultural Leadership Skills and Cross-Cultural Teamworking Skills through Organization Development Intervention: A Case Study of a Multinational Enterprise (MNE) in Thailand


  • Papitchaya Wisankosol
  • Gloria Chavez, DBA




In the present competitive world of business, organizations need constant improvement in their organizational performance in order to survive in the unprecedented changes. Many previous research studies revealed that employee performance had positive relationships directly with organizational performance; as employees are nobody but the customers themselves.           This research study focused on the benefits of leadership management and employee engagement in terms of working as a team. The main purpose of the action research was to develop cross-cultural leadership skills as well as cross-cultural team working skills at Best Water Technology (Thailand), a multinational enterprise in Thailand. This was done through Organization Development Interventions (ODI) by implementing Whole Brain Literacy (WBL) together with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). The action research was conducted in three phases (pre-ODI / ODI / and post-ODI) to determine the differences between the pre-ODI phase and the post-ODI phase. The findings of this research disclosed that WBL and NLP concepts implemented in OD interventions were effective and valuable not only for personal development but also for organizational development as they developed cross-cultural leadership skills and cross-cultural team working skills among organizational members.


Key Words: organization development, organization development intervention, cross-cultural leadership, cross-cultural teamwork, multinational enterprise, Whole Brain Literacy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming