The Impact of an Appreciative Inquiry Organizational Development Intervention (AI ODI) on Developing an Appreciative Learning Organization: A Case Study Based on a Private IT Solution Provider in Thailand


  • Achara Ratanaphunsri Deputy Managing Director Convergence System Co., Ltd.


The major research objective of this study was to develop an ‘appreciative learning organization’—an organization that practices appreciative, innovative and holistic learning from its strengths, successes, and potentials. It was done a private IT solution provider in Thailand using Appreciative Inquiry (AI) as an organizational development intervention (ODI). This study employed an action research as the core research methodology with nonrandomized control group pre-test & post-test techniques. The research findings showed that AI as an ODI is an effective approach for developing an ‘appreciative learning organization’. The enhancement in AI competencies and the two key practices of a learning organization prompted the focal organization to start its transformation into an ‘appreciative learning organization’. The Four crucial elements of the success of this intervention are: 1) well -thought-out design of the ODI, 2) opportunities for participants to learn through experiential learning, 3) reinforcement of behaviors practiced, supported, and coached by the researcher, and 4) understanding and consideration of the personal traits and thinking preferences of the participants