Strength-Based Operations as Organization Development Intervention (SBO-ODI) on Enhancing Teacher Commitment, Engagement, and Performance: A Case Study of Assumption College Ubon Ratchathani (ACU)


  • Prawat Sutthinont Assumption College Ubon
  • Kitikorn Dowpiset, Ph.D.



In the 21th century, four aspects in the era of globalization: complexity, change, competition, and connectivity, has impacted people's livings. To remain competitive the organization needs to design working environments with strong continuous-learning process to enhance commitment and engagement of the employees for better performance. Strength-Based Operation as Organization Development Intervention (SBO-ODI) was designed as a strategic intervention to support the working capabilities of the teaching and supporting staff at Assumption College Ubon Ratchathani, and was constructed based on the notions of worker strengths and right conditions as the foundation driving effective performance and success of work. The intervention was run under the core aspects of Action Research, and together with the framework of cross-functional team working, Appreciative Inquiry (A.I.) approach, Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results (SOAR) approach, positive coaching, and strength-based projects. The overall objectives of the study was to implement and to investigate the effects of the SBO-ODI method on the enhancement of ACU teaching and supporting staffs' commitment, engagement, and performances. The results from the questionnaires and observations revealed that the commitment, engagement, and performances of the ACU staffs were increased through the intervention. The participants expressed obviously in both understandings of goals in working and actions in conveying the project activities. There was a significant improvement in the participants' commitment, engagement, and performances at the level of 0.000* (p<.05), and the SBO-ODI intervention, finally, yielded the new model supposed to be assertive approach for working achievement of an organization.

Key words: strength-based operations (SBO), organization development intervention (ODI), strength-based projects, commitment, engagement, performance