Strategic Management Planning Process (SMPP) as an Organization Development Intervention (ODI) to Align Values, Goals and Objectives and Improve Employee Teamwork, Engagement and Performance: A Case Study of a Family -Owned Business in Thailand


  • Jutathip Chienwittayakun PhDOD candidate
  • Don Mankin, Ph.D.




Nowadays, family owned businesses account for 95% of the total enterprises in Thailand. To survive in a highly competitive market is not easy for businesses that are not strong in management, strategic planning and in managing their finances. To prepare for sustainability, an organization needs to have strategic goal and objectives as well as the organization values that need to be communicated to employees in order to make sure that all important goals are aligned throughout the organization.   The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of organization development interventions (ODI) in aligning the management and employee values and in clarifying the goals and objectives on employee teamwork, employee engagement, and employee performance of a family owned business in Thailand. The research findings show that the intervention created a positive change in two areas (1) the significant improvement of values alignment and goals and objectives clarification after the designed OD intervention had been implemented and (2) a significant relationship between the aligned values, goals and objectives with teamwork, engagement and performance.


Keywords: aligned values, goals-setting, strategic management, family-owned business, Strategic Management Planning Process (SMPP)