Improving Internal Marketing Programs as Organization Development Interventions to Enhance Market Performance :


  • Diah Dharmayanti Petra Christian University-Indonesia
  • Susan Nero, PhD Chair and Core Faculty , Graduate Management Programs Antioch University, Los Angeles


This action research was originated from the inner inspiration and vision of the researcher toward the goal of developing and helping the organization to solve a problem. The problem addressed was the lack of employee market orientation behavior and organizational commitment. These were affecting the market performance of L’VIORS, and they were addressed by a set of internal marketing programs as OD Interventions.Internal marketing programs consisting of training, discussion, and one on one coaching, have proven to be an appropriate OD Intervention in solving the problems facing the company of L'VIORS, a leading beauty clinic in Surabaya, Indonesia. In this instance the internal marketing programs were not only able to solve employee problems, but at the same time able to increase organizational commitment and to create a market orientation on leader and employee behavior, which in turn improved the market performance of the company that has been stagnant for the last three years since 2012. This study used a model of action research through 3 stages of pre-ODI, ODI, and post ODI and simultaneously qualitative and quantitative analyses were also employed in this research. Primary data was collected through informal interviews, direct and indirect observations, and survey by using questionnaires, as well as in-depth interviews. In addition, secondary data were also drawn from several documents from the company.Overall, through the OD Intervention process conducted by the researcher at the company, positive responses and appreciation was given by the leaders and employees of the company. These were due to the fact that after the company implemented Internal Marketing Programs as an OD Intervention, there have been changes in market orientation behavior not only by employees of the company, but also been indicated by customer’s post research perceptions of L'VIORS. Internal Marketing programs as ODI have succeeded in creating a change in mindset, attitudes, and behavior, as well as employee commitment to the company. Furthermore, significant changes have been apparent at the level of individual, group, and organization of the company L'VIORS.

Key words: internal marketing, organizational commitment, market orientation,
market performance, organization development interventions (ODI)


Author Biography

Diah Dharmayanti, Petra Christian University-Indonesia

Marketing Department