Whole Brain Literacy Approach to Action Research: A Focus on Research Problem Identification


  • Salvacion E Villavicencio, Ed.D. Dean Saint Pedro Poveda College , Quezon City, Philippines



The focus of this article is on the action research problem identification process based on Whole Brain Literacy (WBL). This approach is also used in teaching OD courses since the WBL Model is the underpinning of curriculum and instruction design of the OD graduate degree programs of Assumption University of Thailand. Particularly, in the MMOD Program, the teaching of Action Research is guided by this model and one distinctive feature of action research projects of MMOD students, is the use of the WBL Model. This model is seen as a powerful tool in enhancing the rigor of action research. A sensible and realistic problem definition critical to action research as emphasized by Sekaran and Bourgie, (2010), can be realized through a WBL approach to problem identification.  This can be seen in the action researches conducted by OD students. Positive and desirable outcomes in effecting change and transformation in organizations were also reflected in the research outputs of these students.


Keywords: Whole Brain Literacy (WBL), Action Research, Research Problem Identification