BOOK REVIEW : “Communicate to Influence – How to Inspire Your Audience to Actionn” by Ben Decker and Kelly Decker


  • Heinz Landau Leadership Expert, Speaker, and Advisor Founding Partner and President Yes, People Matter!, Makati City, Philippines


The authors:

Ben Decker and Kelly Decker are leading experts in the field of business communication. They run Decker Communications, a firm that trains and coaches thousands of executives a year. Their trademarked Decker Method is dubbed “the gold standard” of communication training programs by “USA Today”. It shows leaders how to deliver messages that don’t just inform but influence and inspire others to action.

The book:

Business communication often sucks. “There is an endless deluge of data, facts, and figures”, say Ben and Kelly Decker. As a result of information overload, people are thirsting for inspiration. They want to be part of something greater. Every person in the audience is thinking: “What can you do for me? How does this relate to me?” And therein lies the great opportunity to influence them. However, many presenters miss out on it.