Organization Citizenship Behaviour Path Analysis: Justice, Trust, Satisfaction and Commitment


  • Kittiwat Watcharachatchawan
  • Peter Steane. Ph.D.



This paper examines the impact of: organization justice, transactional: attitudinal commitment, organization trust, and job satisfaction on organization citizenship behaviour. The study was conducted on the primary and secondary catholic schools in Thailand. The organizational objective is to provide an understanding of the relationship between the variables in the organization development area.  The sample of the study involved 350 respondents from 10 schools with work groups ranging from top-management, support-management, teachers, as well as staff who took part in the research.  The research findings indicate a significant relationship between variables that contribute to change in organization citizenship behaviour. The findings indicate its usefulness as a tool for organization development and business practitioners in understanding the change in behaviour in organization development. However, other elements in the management environment play a critical role in changing organization citizenship behaviour. Future studies may employ different elements in management with existing variables from this study to extend the validity and reliability of the models developed from this study.


Key Words: catholic school, change, organization citizenship behaviour, organization development.