Toward High Performance Organization Using Path-Goal Theory and Transformation Theories: A Case Study of St.Louis School Chachoengsao


  • Achin Tengtrakul, FSG Director St Louis School Chacheongsao
  • Maria Socorro C L Fernando, Ph.D. Organization Development Program and Organization Development Institute Assumption University Thailand


In t h i s  s t u d y, the  main objectives were : to assess the current levels of leadership skills of the leadership team, staff engagement, and the performance effectiveness of the staff ; to design Organization Development Interventions (ODI) that will enhance the leadership skills, staff engagement and the performance effectiveness;  to implement ODI and to evaluate the initial effects of ODI on the levels of leadership skills staff engagement and the performance effectiveness; and to propose a Roadmap that will  sustain the initial positive effects of the ODI to further develop SLC as an excellent academic institution.  The pretest survey questions on leadership skills and styles by all leaders, and employee engagement questionnaires survey were administered prior to implementing the OD interventions. A SOAR Workshop was also conducted to know the priorities of the school community in its future direction and be the basis for the research study.  The research process involved the Pre-ODI, the implementation of OD and the Post- OD were conducted. At the beginning of the process, the 3 workshops were conducted with 248 Thai teachers as participants.   The three workshops were on Whole - Brain Based Organization Development, Responsible Gap for Engagement, and Team Building Workshop. Random Interviews with 22 teachers, 10 parents and 15 alumni were also conducted. The results showed significant improvements on the leadership styles and the employee engagements.      The performance effectiveness of the teachers showed no significant improvement. The results of the interviews with teachers, parents and alumni were positive on performance effectiveness.  The researcher proposed 5 roadmaps for SLC future development on leadership skills, personnel, academic and students development, so that SLC will be the high performing school in the future.


Keywords:    leadership, transactional, transformational, authentic, path goal,       effectiveness, performance, high performance organization