Teachers’ Perception Towards Factors Influence Online Teaching Readiness


  • Johann Christine Taday Assumption University


Online Teaching Readiness, COVID 19, Institutional Support, Computer Anxiety, Teachers Competencies


In response to COVID - 19 pandemic, the schools urgently transitioned from traditional teaching to online teaching. Teachers were forced to quickly adapt to the new learning pedagogy. This study aims to investigate teachers’ perception toward factors that influence online teaching readiness using competency aspects, institutional support and computer anxiety as predictors. Samples were collected through online survey from 172 private school teachers. Multiple linear regression was used to test the hypotheses. The results revealed that linear combination of independent variables was statistically significant to online teaching readiness F (6,171) = 18.01, p = <.001), however individual analysis shows different results, among four competencies, time management is the strongest predictor of online teaching readiness whereas, computer anxiety was the second strongest. The remaining construct did not significantly influence online teaching readiness. Further analysis and review of previous literatures reveals that four-competencies used in this study has mixed results compared to findings of previous literature using same construct. The mixed results of competency variables could be attributed to variation of characteristics of the population. The researcher recommends to further explore other constructs such as institutional aspect towards online teaching readiness as well as the influence of cultural context as the mediating factor.




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