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Marrisa Fernando




Asst. Prof. Maria Socorro C. L.  Fernando, Ph.D.


       We are glad to present this latest issue of this journal for 2022.  There are three articles from scholars who have published their research knowledge of actual business cases.

The first article “Digital Currency for Payments” by Ranida Buransujja and    Tanpat Kraiwanit is a qualitative research presenting users’ opinions on the use of digital currency for the payment of goods and services.  Based on the results of the study, the authors suggest that “governments should promote knowledge, understanding and training for people to access digital currency investment information and point out the benefits of future technological developments as well as reducing the tax on digital currency to attract more people to invest”. 

The second article authored by Tun Aung Kyaw  and  Chompu Nuangjamnong  titled “ The Loyalty of Players in Online Streaming Games in Thailand ” presents deeper insight into the factors that impact players’ loyalty to online streaming games in Thailand.  The results show that the independent variables, namely gaming intensity, experience, avatar identification, and flow significantly influence players’ loyalty to online streaming games in Thailand

Zhuyao Zhang and Chompu Nuangjamnong present research on “The Impact Factors toward Online Repurchase Intention: A case study of Taobao e-Commerce platform in China”. This study investigates the factors that influence customers' repurchase intention and the  research findings show that  perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, perceived cost, trust, and satisfaction positively impact repurchase intention

These three   articles present an array of relevant findings that contributes to new perspectives and possible application in business.

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